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What information and data will I need to take out the insurance?

ERAPO is a modern way for quick and easy completion of travel insurance satisfying the requirements of your ERASMUS+ programme. You will conclude the contract online, in a few minutes, without the necessity of visiting the insurance company in person and signing a number of documents. It is enough to have several required data at disposal.

* You will get the price calculation and complete ERAPO insurance easily online, without going anywhere. After the completion, you will receive all necessary documents including the Certificate for your ERASMUS+ coordinator. You can make the payment via internet banking or by a direct deposit to the insurance company's bank account.

Data Needed for Insurance Calculation

  • Duration of the insurance contract - departure and return date
  • Destination - country of your foreign stay
  • Type of mobility - Study mobility, Traineeship, Training or Teaching
  • Risk class - activities you are going to engage in abroad

Selection of ERAPO Insurance Package

After entering data for the insurance price calculation, the comparison of individual insurance packages Basic, Standard and Premium will show. For the proper choice of the ERAPO insurance package it is necessary to know the requirements regarding the insurance risk coverage for your ERASMUS+ programme (e.g. for Traineeship, Training or Teaching it is necessary to have covered the insurance risk of special liability which is included in the Standard and Premium package).

Data Necessary for Insurance Completion

Identification data of the policyholder – the person who takes out and pays for the insurance:
In case that the policyholder is a natural person (citizen): name and surname, address, personal identification number, ID number, phone number and e-mail address
In case that the policyholder is a legal person (company): business ID, company name, seat, name and position of the acting person, phone number and e-mail address

Identification data of the insured - the person who is travelling:
name, surname and date of birth
(If the policyholder and the insured are the same person, the data of the insured will be automatically copied and it is not necessary to fill them in again)

Additional information about the insured person
name of school, relationship to school

Provided that you do not know which ERAPO insurance you should take out or you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +421 948 188 108, please.

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∗The information contained in this article is current at the time of publication.


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