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Do I need ERAPO even if I have annual travel insurance?

Yes, indeed. And there are more reasons...The annual travel insurance is a good option provided that you often travel abroad. It saves your money and time because you do not have to take out new insurance before each trip abroad. However, in case of a longer stay abroad you may come across a problem in the annual travel insurance terms and conditions.

Maximum Length of Stay

Most insurance companies on the Slovak market determine the maximum length of stay (an uninterrupted period of time spent abroad) for 45 days in their insurance terms and conditions. Moreover, in case some annual travel insurance is taken out by students with their ISIC or EURO26 card, this period is reduced only to 30 days. Therefore, in case you spend abroad longer time than the maximum length of stay, you become uninsured until the date of your return to Slovakia. This time limit is valid not only for health damage, but also luggage damage and damage from liability insurance, which may be part of the travel insurance.

Risk Class

Before travelling on ERASMUS+ it is necessary to know which activities you are going to engage in abroad and, accordingly, you need to choose the relevant insurance risk class. The proper choice of the insurance risk class, when concluding the travel insurance, guarantees the insured that they will be covered in case of an insurance event in the performance of any activity. For instance, when you engage in manual work or some of the risky sports during your Erasmus+ stay and some health damage occurs to you, this damage will not be covered by annual insurance, if you have taken (the most concluded) risk class "Tourist".

General Liability Insurance

There is a mandatory requirement for some types of the ERASMUS + programme mobilities to have a special liability coverage for the damage caused to the receiving organization. This liability insurance is not included in classic annual travel insurance, because it can be concluded only by a special agreement  directly in the insurance company. Your coordinator may not allow you to travel on ERASMUS+ mobility if you do not have this liability coverage arranged.

The Solution Is Called ERAPO

ERAPO insurance is developed in a way to meet the requirements of the ERASMUS+ programme and the needs of students and teachers. You will take out the insurance easily online, in a few minutes, for the exactly needed period of your stay with extra 35% off. The Guide to risk classes, which is build directly in the calculator, will help you with the selection of the needed risk class. Together with the general liability insurance, ERAPO insurance automatically covers the liability for damage caused in the receiving organization.

And best of all...
ERAPO, as the only online travel insurance calculator, guarantees you the proper choice of insurance coverage for the selected type of mobility. Immediately after concluding the contract, you will receive the Certificate of Insurance for your ERASMUS+ coordinator by e-mail.

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∗The information contained in this article is current at the time of publication.


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