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Insurance policy period - How to choose the dates “from-to”?

One of the basic parameters of ERAPO travel insurance is the insurance policy period – the valid insurance period defined by the date of commencement and expiry of the coverage of insured risks.  Please, make sure that you have a valid insurance coverage during all your stay abroad. If an insurance event occurs out of the valid insurance period, the damage will not be covered by the insurance company.

*The validity period of the insurance coverage does not necessarily need to coincide with the dates of the ERASMUS+ programme stay. If you decide to travel abroad earlier, or, if you extend your stay after the end date of the programme, select such an insurance policy period that is valid during all your stay abroad. ERAPO insurance covers all types of damage even during your private stay abroad, i.e. you do not have to have a separate contract for the period outside the ERASMUS+ programme.

What is Insurance Policy Period?

Insurance policy period is the time duration (validity) of your travel insurance. You select the duration of the insurance period at the beginning of the ERAPO calculator with the help of two calendars – in the left one you will mark the commencement date and in the right one the end date of the insurance validity. 

Can the insurance policy period influence the price of the insurance?

Yes, as a rule, the longer period of a stay you choose, the cheaper daily insurance rate you get.

How to choose the suitable insurance policy period?

The beginning of the insurance period should match the departure date abroad and the end of the insurance period should match the return date to Slovakia. The validity period of the insurance coverage does not necessarily need to coincide with the dates of the ERASMUS+ programme stay.  If you decide to extend your stay, simply, take the insurance out for the whole period of your stay abroad. ERAPO insurance covers damage abroad, even out of the ERASMUS+ programme.

ERAPO insurance even allows you to choose the date of the beginning of the insurance validity from today (on the same day when the insurance is taken out). However, in this case, an immediate payment of the insurance is required.

What if my stay prolongs unexpectedly?

If you unexpectedly decide to extend your stay abroad after the conclusion of the insurance contract, we recommend taking out a new ERAPO travel insurance for the prolonged period, also from abroad. You will receive all necessary documents and you will make the payment via bank transfer as it is not possible to extend the existing insurance during its validity.

We recommend our clients that they consider the possibility of delays/cancellations of their booked transportation due to weather, strikes or other unexpected events and extend the insurance policy period by one or two additional days when taking out the insurance.

Provided that you do not know which ERAPO insurance you should take out or you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +421 948 188 108, please.


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∗The information contained in this article is current at the time of publication.


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