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Proper choice of the ERAPO insurance risk class

It is necessary to pay more attention to the selection of the risk class when completing the travel insurance contract. You will select the proper risk class according to the activities you are going to engage in when abroad. If you arrange the basic risk class Tourist and the insurance event occurs when engaging in activities belonging to a different risk class, the insurance company will not provide you with insurance claims. ERAPO insurance distinguishes 3 risk classes according to the activities – Tourist, Manual work and Sport.

*There is a Guide to risk classes build in the travel insurance calculator for ERAPO insurance.

Tourist Risk Class

If you arrange the Tourist risk class in your contract, it means that you will engage abroad only in common daily activities, which are not in the list of activities for the risk classes Manual work or Sport. It applies to this risk class that you can also engage in some recreational sports set in the list of Tourist risk class activities.

Notice: In case you have arranged the Tourist risk class in your contract but the insurance event occurs as the consequence of engaging in one of the activities set in other risk classes, you will not be provided the insurance claim.

List of Tourist Risk Class Activities:
administrative worker, on-road cycle tourism, air crew members, flight attendants, marine crew members, diplomacy, design, watch services, hairdressing, cosmetology, waiter, tailoring services, journalism, commercial representation, airline transport pilots, information technology worker, health services worker, architecture and design activities, art conservation and restoration (with the exception of working at height, on scaffolding and walls), ship travellers (ship renting and sea sailing), recreational fisherman, teaching, educational activities, au-pair, dog walking, professional drivers, driver's assistants, arts (painting, sculpture, acting, singing, dancing, photography, conducting, playing instruments), skiing on marked trails, snowboarding on marked trails, cross-country skiing on marked trails, bobsleighing on marked trails, ice skating, sleighing.

Manual Work Risk Class

If you arrange the Manual work risk class in your contract, it means that you will move or work abroad in such environment where activities set in the list of the Manual work risk class are carried out. In case you arrange this risk class, you can also engage in activities set in the risk classes Tourist and Sport.

List of Manual Work Risk Class Activities:
activities set in the risk classes Tourist and Sport +
archaeologist, mining, work in quarries, security services,  protection of persons, grinding operator, upholstery operator, cooper, detective, construction/renovation site supervisor, lumberjack, electrician, electrical technician,  dyer, galvanizing operator, firefighter, emergency repair services, chemist and laboratory technician, animal breeder, plumber, insulation operator, stuntman, sheet metal worker, combine harvester driver, blacksmith, furrier, animal trainer, cook, confectioner, varnisher, forester, forestry work (logging, wood transportation), polisher, hunter, painter, butcher at slaughterhouse, car mechanic, aircraft mechanic, fitter, installer, oilfield worker, tool maker, machine operation, reparation and installation (with the exception of information technology),  livestock caretaker, floor layer, kitchen helper, shunter/switcher, food industry technician, demolition and clean up work after using explosives,  work at loading and unloading ships, trucks or other means of transportation, work with corrosives, poisons, highly flammable or explosive substances, work in the field of nuclear energy, work at warehouses, ports, work at heights, façades, circus workers, cement or lime factory worker, police or armed forces worker,  pyrotechnist, tunnel/shaft boring machine operator, craft industry (shaping or processing of metals, wood, iron, glass, stone, etc.), carver, agriculture, forestry and railway worker jobs, tree felling, fisherman on boat, glazier,  maltster, professional military services, enamel worker, speleologist, construction-installation activities,  cabinet/furniture maker, water well driller, wallpaper installer, carpenter, weaver, printer, tractor driver, bee keeper, vet, guide, volcanologist, mountain porter,  gardener, rescuer, rescue  services, dry-cleaning worker, locksmith, fruit picking and harvesting from heights, railway worker, metallurgy, work on offshore drilling rig/oil platform.

Sport Risk Class

If you arrange the Sport risk class in your contract, it means that you will engage abroad in any sport disciplines (amateur or professional) or other risk activities and sports set in the list of the Sport risk class. In case you arrange this risk class, you can also engage in activities set in the risk classes Tourist and Manual work.

List of Sport Risk Class Activities:
activities set in the risk classes Tourist and Manual work + ice hockey, rugby, American football, acrobatic dances, acrobatic rock and roll, gymnastics, ballet, equestrian sports, dog sleigh, downhill mountain biking, Cyclo-cross, BMX – bicycle motocross, four-cross, freeride, formula 3000, BMX freestyle, mountain biking, unicycling, freestyle, shooting sports, paintball, airsoft, hunting, noodling,

martial arts, pilotage, parachute jump from an airplane or from heights, parachute flying, skydiving, skysurfing, hang-glider flying, tandem skydiving, hang-glider flying, aerobatics, cliff diving, paragliding, paramotoring, base jumping, bungee jumping, rope jumping, fly fox, zorbing, rafting,  whitewater rafting, whitewater kayaking, urban kayaking, kayakrafting, yachting, land yachting, river,  descending (canoe, kayak), sailing (with the exception of land sailing), water skiing, water paragliding, surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, kneeboarding, kitesurfing, bodyboarding, water skiing, via ferrata (A-E); scuba diving, cave diving, -ice diving, cliff diving, free-diving, bouldering,  buildering, parkour, free running, tricking, extreme walking,  poweriser, stunt pogo, slamball, skateboarding, U-ramp riding, snakeboarding, mountain boarding, freebording, street luge, aerotrim, powerkiting,  buggykiting, mountainboarding, motorsports on land, snow, ice, water including water   scooter riding, motorskijoring, drag racing, roller derby, speed skating, bobsleigh, skibobbing, sport sleighing, skeleton, skiing off marked trails, acrobatic skiing, freestyle and freeride skiing, moguls, ski  jumping, ski flying, extreme skiing, freesking, heliskiing, skitouring, snowkiting, snowbungeekayaking,

snowbungeerafting, snowtrampoline, ski cross, ski mountaineering, rock climbing, skeleton, mountaineering, speleology, canyoning, carving , climbing, rock climbing, ice fall climbing, artificial  ice wall climbing (icebreaker), alpinism, glacier hiking, hiking on and off marked trails, provided that artificial protection devices (e.g. fixed ropes, chains, steps, iron rugs, ladders) are located on the trail or the usage of any mountaineering or climbing gear (rope, sit harness, chest harness, helmet, carabiner, temporary anchor devices) is needed to pass the trail.


The right choice of the risk class is important for the insured person protection in case of damage caused as a result of performing individual activities abroad. The Guide to risk classes is part of the ERAPO travel insurance calculator.

Provided that you are not sure which risk class you should choose for your ERASMUS+ mobility, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone 0948 188 108, please.

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