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Territorial validity of insurance - which countries is my ERAPO insurance valid in

The territorial insurance rate determines where and in which countries your ERAPO insurance is  valid. You will select one of three rates (Czech Republic, Europe or World) by choosing your destination – the country of your foreign stay in the field "Where are you travelling?"  of the ERAPO calculator.

*Destination is the country of your foreign stay or the country where you will stay most often.  Should your foreign stay be in more countries, you can directly select one of the three rates instead of the country of your stay in the field "Where are you travelling?".

Territorial Insurance Rate Czech Republic

If you select this rate/country, the insurance will be valid only for damage that occurs in the Czech Republic. Provided that you travel to the Czech Republic through a different foreign country or you decide to travel to another country during your stay, we recommend that you choose the rate Europe or World.

Territorial Insurance Rate Europe

If you select any destination or country belonging to this rate, your insurance will be valid in Europe + Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Cyprus, Algeria, Morocco,  Israel, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the European part of the Russian Federation. In case you decide to travel out of these countries, we recommend that you choose the rate World.

Territorial Insurance Rate World

If you select any destination or country belonging to the rate World, you will be sure that your insurance will be valid in all countries in the world.


You will choose the territorial validity of insurance directly while completing the insurance. The proper choice of destination/rate has an influence on the validity of your insurance, that is why we recommend that you pay more attention to the selection. Choose the insurance rate in order to have the insurance coverage in every country you will decide to visit. 

Provided that you do not know which ERAPO insurance you should take out or you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +421 948 188 108, please.

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