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"Different region, different manners". About the project of inercultural preparation for Erasmus students.

For many of you, Erasmus mobility abroad will be your first stay in another country and a unique opportunity to get to know another part of the world from your own experience. Understanding cultural differences, interaction and living with people in other cultures is an important part of the experience abroad and currently an almost necessary prerequisite for your successful career abroad or in Slovakia.

Whether you are going on an Erasmus internship into a foreign company or Erasmus study in a school, you are entering a new environment with different cultural peculiarities. It is almost certain that you will meet people of different nationalities, with whom you will cooperate and communicate intensively. Do not expect that someone will pay special attention to you in this area upon arrival and there may not be time for slow knowledge and learning from your own mistakes. You will make only one first impression, the basis of success is good preparation and quick adaptation.

Therefore, together with the team from WorkSpace Europe - a Slovak consortium of universities for Erasmus internships, we have prepared this useful material that will help you prepare for the specifics that you will find in each country. Getting to know them will open the door for you to quickly and smoothly integrate into your new team at work, the study group at school, but also into everyday life in a foreign country, which will become your new home for a few months.

Getting started in a new country can be challenging. If you are prepared, everything will be easier for you and you will see how the people around you will appreciate it!

We are launching the project with EU countries. We will gradually add other countries where you like to travel to Erasmus.

For each country you will find:

  •     Cultural peculiarities and advice from a professional intercultural communication coach Dr. Eva Gáboríková, whom we sincerely thank for the cooperation.
  •     Cultural peculiarities from the experience of Erasmus students who lived in the country, as well as practical tips and advice for various cities that will help you better orient yourself or save. These are brief,    authentic observations that we constantly add as the Erasmus students send them to us.

We wish you pleasant, informative but also fun reading!

Go to the intercultural preparation project for Erasmus students.


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