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Do I need ERAPO insurance even if I have the European Health Insurance Card?

You definitely do. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will only provide you the necessary healthcare, it has limited territorial validity and, moreover, it does not satisfy the requirements of more types of the ERASMUS+ programme mobilities. In some countries, you can even pay the deductible in case of treatment or operation.

Territorial Validity of EHIC

The European Health Insurance Card has limited territorial validity, it is valid only in the EU member countries, Serbia, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia and Iceland. This card will not ensure you any medical care in the territory of any other countries.  Therefore, if you travel through ERASMUS+ to a country where the EHIC is not valid, you will need commercial insurance.

What Is Covered by EHIC

The European Health Insurance Card covers the urgent medical care only.  It means that you are, on the basis of the EHIC, entitled to get the necessary medical care in the same scope and according to the same criteria as the inhabitants (insured) of the relevant country if you need some treatment abroad. And provided that the insured of the country pay the deductible in case of treatment or operation, you will also be obliged to pay it. If you want to avoid paying medical costs or the deductible, you should conclude the commercial ERAPO insurance.

Requirements of ERASMUS+ Programme

There is a mandatory requirement for some types of the ERASMUS + programme mobilities to have a special liability coverage for the damage caused to the receiving organization. This liability insurance is not covered by the European Heath Insurance Card. At the same time, the EHIC does not contain the very popular luggage insurance for the case of its damage, loss or stealing of documents or the assistance services.

The Solution Is Called ERAPO

ERAPO insurance is developed in a way to meet the requirements of the ERASMUS+ programme and the needs of students and teachers. You will take out the insurance easily online, in a few minutes, for the exactly needed period of your stay with extra 35% off. While taking out the insurance you will select your destination, which may be anywhere in the world, and select the coverage you need. Together with the general liability insurance, ERAPO insurance automatically covers the liability for damage caused in the receiving organization.
And best of all...

ERAPO, as the only online travel insurance calculator, guarantees you the proper choice of insurance coverage for the selected type of mobility. Immediately after concluding the contract, you will receive the Certificate of Insurance for your ERASMUS+ coordinator by e-mail.

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