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How to take out ERAPO insurance? Easily, online.

ERAPO insurance product has been created in cooperation with number one in travel insurance - UNION insurance company and with professionals in Traineeship mobility of the ERASMUS+ programme, WORKSPACE EUROPE in order to satisfy all requirements of the ERASMUS+ programme and the needs of students and teachers, too. The travel insurance calculator will help you choose the required insurance package easily and clearly, exactly for your selected type of  mobility. You will take out the insurance directly online and you will receive all necessary documents immediately by e-mail or you will print them out.

∗ If you are not sure what a field of the ERAPO travel insurance calculator means, you can move the mouse cursor to the information button with "?" symbol in order to see more detailed information with explanation.

Entering Parameters for ERASMUS+ Mobility

First, select the start date of insurance through the interactive calendar (date of departure from your home country) and the end date of insurance  (date of arrival to your home country). Continue with the selection of your destination from the list of all countries of the world. You will finish entering parameters for the stay by selecting an ERASMUS+ programme mobility and selecting an insurance risk class. If you are not sure which risk class you should choose, the Guide to risk classes, which is situated directly in the ERAPO travel insurance calculator, will help you with choosing the proper risk class

Selection of ERAPO Insurance Packages

After entering the parameters of the foreign stay, you can choose one of the insurance packages. The calculator will enable you to select only from those insurance packages that meet the requirements of the ERASMUS+ programme for your chosen type of mobility. It is necessary to properly consider the choice of a package depending on the risks you want to have covered during your stay. We recommend that every student and teacher choose the ERAPO PREMIUM package, which contains the coverage of all available risks. To see a detailed overview of the individual risk coverage limits, just click on the text below each package.

Summary and Entering Data

After selecting one of the insurance packages, the summary of the entered data will show. Please, do not forget to check them properly. In case you have entered wrong data in the first step, feel free to go back and correct the mistake. Below the “Summary“, it is needed to identify the policyholder

(a person who takes out the insurance policy) and the insured (a person covered by the insurance policy). In case the policyholder and the insured is the same person, it is enough to tick the relevant field and the data will be transferred – it is not necessary to fill them in again. Finally, you will just select your school from the list and your relationship to the school. 

Completing the Insurance

After you have agreed to terms and conditions and clicked the COMPLETE THE INSURANCE button a contract will be generated and all necessary documents, you can directly print out, will be displayed. If there is no possibility for you to print them out, it is not a problem because all necessary documents have been automatically sent to the e-mail you entered. Please, do not forget to pay the contract as the payment must be credited to the account of the insurance company no later than on the day of departure.

The Certificate of Insurance is part of the generated documents, too. Please, submit it to your ERASMUS+ coordinator.

Provided that you do not know which ERAPO insurance you should take out or you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +421 948 188 108, please.

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∗The information contained in this article is current at the time of publication.


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