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General Information:

Capital: Valletta
Political system: a parliamentary republic with a prime minister (prime minister), who has executive power, and a head of state, a president who performs mainly representative roles.
Population: 502 ths
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Official language: Maltese, English

EU single emergency number: 112
National lines:
Rescue service: 196
Firemen: 199
Police: 191

Cultural differences and advice from Intercultural Communication Coach:

Malta is known not only as a very popular destination for tourists but also as a favourite place for filmmakers. Films such as Popeye the Sailor, Gladiator, Troy, The Da Vinci Code and Game of Thrones were made in Malta. Luzzu, colourful Maltese boats are one of the symbols of Malta. They are adorned with the eyes of the god Osiris and provide protection from all the dangers of the sea. In the past Malta used to be under the administration of Great Britain. Red telephone booths, which are the same as in London, remind us of this fact even today. Malta is also known for its English language courses, which are attended by people from all over the world.

The Maltese are very cordial people who are always willing to help. They are rightly proud of Valletta, their capital city, which is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its cultural richness. The Maltese celebrate a large number of Christian holidays and tourists come across churches very often. Unlike Slovakia, Malta has only one university, which was founded as Collegium Melitense in 1592.

The Maltese belong to the cultures that consider building trust as the first step to successful teamwork and negotiation. What may seem like informal to other cultures means for them a space for getting to know each other. They express their commitment and proactive approach through a more emotional verbal expression. The cultural values ​​that influence Maltese teamwork behaviour are flexibility, openness to new ideas and thoughts, attention to detail and a specific sense of humour.

Recommendations for Co-operation with Colleagues from Malta:
  • Although the Maltese are among very tolerant nations, recommended small talk topics do not include politics, religion or family.
  • When co-operating with someone, they are sticklers for details and implementation of solutions.
  • Business partners and colleagues from other cultures appreciate their flexibility and ability to respond to changes. In return, the Maltese also expect the same from the other side.
  • Team members meet for sports activities or barbecues on the beach in their free time.
  • The society is moving from the traditional perception of “il-mara” women to women who are recognized in the business environment, as expressed by many initiatives for pay equality.


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