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General Information:

Capital: Budapest
Political system: a parliamentary republic with a prime minister (prime minister), who has executive power, and a head of state, a president who performs mainly representative roles.
Population: 9.7 mil
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Official Language: Hungarian

EU single emergency number: 112
National lines:
Rescue service: 104
Firemen: 105
Police: 107

Cultural differences and advice from Intercultural Communication Coach:

For many people in its neighbouring countries, Hungary is associated mainly with Lake Balaton, thermal baths and culinary experiences. The Hungarian language is close to the Finnish and Estonian language ​​and very different from the surrounding Slavic languages. Hungarian people are also known for horse breeding and many inventions such as the ballpoint pen, the Basic programming language and the most famous invention is of course the Rubik’s Cube. Wine production has a thousand-year tradition in Hungary. Wine is also one of the dominant elements of the Hungarian history, culture and gastronomy.

The first impression plays an important role in personal and professional life.  The way a person shakes hands, is dressed or behaves at a meeting. Clothing is not only an expression of social status, but also an expression of respect for the people with whom the Hungarians co-operate and do the business.

The Hungarian business culture is one of the formal cultures that invest in building relationships. This is also reflected in the relationship between the subordinate and the superior, in which the manager expects respect. On the other hand, he or she is interested in their team members and devotes enough time to them. Mutual teamwork and business co-operation is associated with building relationships at different levels. In many areas, co-operation is not possible unless it is built through a local contact. The Hungarians have achieved great success worldwide in many areas. Those colleagues or business partners who have at least a basic overview of their successes have an edge over others. The Hungarians are among the experienced traders and asserting themselves in the local market means for them offering something specific. Although they sometimes doubt themselves, doubts from foreign colleagues or business partners sound like criticism that will burn all bridges.

Recommendations for Co-operation with Colleagues from Hungary:
  • Adherence to a schedule is especially important in the work environment.
  • Formal behaviour is important during the initial contact.
  • Food and social events help the Hungarians build good team and business relationships.
  • The Hungarians belong to flexible cultures when solving problems and finding solutions, although accepting changes is usually slow.
  • Their communication style is indirect, especially in providing feedback and resolving conflicts.


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