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General Information:

Capital city: Prague
Political system: Parliamentary Republic. The Prime Minister (Prime Minister) has the highest executive power. The head of state (president) performs mainly representative tasks.
Population: 10.6 mil
Currency: Czech koruna (CZK)
Official Language: Czech

EU single emergency number: 112
National lines:
Rescue service: 155
Firemen: 150
Police: 158

Embassy of the country in Slovakia:
Address: Hviezdoslavovo námestie 8, P.O.BOX 208, 810 00 Bratislava 1
Tel :. +421 2 59203301

Embassy of the Slovak Republic in the country:
Address: Pelléova 12, Prague 6
Tel :. +420 233113051

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic offers Slovak citizens a free voluntary registration option before traveling abroad via the Ministry's website. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic will thus be able to inform you about crisis situations and provide you with timely and effective assistance in the event of an emergency.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic

Cultural differences and advice from Intercultural Communication Coach:

The Czechs and the writer Karel Čapek gave the world the word “Robot”. Other inventions related to the Czech Republic include a sugar cube or contact lenses. The Czech Republic is also known thanks to their castles, beer and hockey players. Favourite activities of Czech people in their free time include hiking, mushroom picking and sightseeing of historical monuments. They spend a lot of free time in nature and building relationships with their friends and family. Even those who are single are not willing to sacrifice their free time for work, which is a surprise for managers from cultures that are focused on fulfilling work tasks.

Many foreign managers perceive the Czechs as rebels. They have struggled with the domination of other nations for many centuries in their history. At present, their character of rebels in business is manifested by the rejection of rules that are important to them but irrelevant to others.  They perceive them as small symbols of their freedom and expect space to express their opinions.

Czech people are known for their inventiveness and the so-called golden Czech hands. It is important for them to achieve the target in business co-operation and the rules are followed only to the extent that they do not hinder achieving the target. The Czechs try to create a pleasant working atmosphere and a so-called well-being at work. The relationships with colleagues may precisely be the reason why to stay in a job or leave. They expect their manager to give them clear instructions and directions to carry out. The manager is the one who makes the final decisions and he or she is usually perceived one level higher within the work hierarchy.

Recommendations for Co-operation with Colleagues from the Czech Republic:
  • Many introductory contacts are quite formal. To build more informal relationships takes some time.
  • The effort to reach teamwork begins at the individual level. There is endeavour to maintain mutual harmony and well-being in the team.
  • The Czechs tend to use an indirect communication style as reflected in conflict solving, which they often avoid.
  • The Czech humour is difficult for other cultures to understand.
  • The Czechs are known as “rebels” who complain about little things to which other cultures do not attach significance.


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