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News for incoming Erasmus+ applicants in Slovakia

The project ERAPO – insurance for the Erasmus+ mobilities was introduced, after one year of its existence, as one of the successful WorkSpaceEurope projects at the Erasmus+ spája (Erasmus+ brings people together) conference on 16 May in Bratislava, organised by the SAAIC national agency.

Thousands of satisfied Erasmus students have already used the Erapo insurance for their mobilities and, together with the Erasmus school coordinators, they confirm the basic benefits brought by this project: simplicity, transparency, correct coverage and correct documentation, finally suitable for the Erasmus+ programme.

Our Erapo project is being constantly improved and the newest innovation is the possibility to insure even the foreign Erasmus students coming to Slovakia to work as trainees or to study.

The students from abroad, from any country of the world, can get insured easily online at and obtain the necessary liability as well as the accident insurance for the period of their Erasmus mobilities, whether at schools or companies in Slovakia.

The web page and all necessary documents, which the students will receive by e-mail after concluding the insurance, are ready in the Slovak as well as in the English language.

We believe that this news will please not only the ESN and the schools which asked for this extension, but also other organisations involved in admitting the Erasmus students, whether within the KA103 or the 107 project.

And that is not all, next innovations are coming!

In case you do not know how to take out ERAPO insurance or you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 0948 188 108, please.


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∗The information contained in this article is current at the time of publication.


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