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Important information regarding coronavirus (COVID-19):

Recommendations before traveling

Regarding the current situation due to coronavirus, we recommend clients to follow the latest travel notices published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak/Czech Republic (MFA), which includes current warnings and recommendations. and 

Medical expenses insurance during your stay abroad

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the travel insurance, if the insured is abroad or will travel abroad despite a notice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, medical expenses are fully covered by the insurance due to illness or accident (except when the insured knowingly no observe the safety rules or measures and instruction by the authorities and members of police and military units aimed to maintenance the safety of people).
Please note, however, that quarantine (in accommodation, etc.) and its associated costs are not considered to be the cost of providing health care and therefore are not covered by the medical expenses insurance.

Insurance extension

In the case that the insured cannot return to the Slovak/Czech Republic within the originally expected term during the insurance because of:
- treatment and hospitalization of the insured client after the coronary infection abroad, while the infection occurred during the original insurance contract
- cancellation / change of scheduled departure of the public transport by the carrier to / from the area affected by the virus, where the MFA will publish an official warning with a recommendation not to travel
- quarantine of the insured due to suspicion of corona virus infection

Union insurance company will accept free automatic extension of insurance for verifiably necessary period - if any of the reasons mentioned above persists and it is not possible to return the insured to the Czech Republic within the originally expected date.

The condition of automatic extension of insurance is that the client REPORT this information during the current insurance contract to the assistance company.

Eurocross Assistance Czech Republic
Phone: + 420 2 9633 9644

with the following information:
- name and surname (of all persons on the insurance contract)
- insurance contract number
- contact details (phone, e-mail)
- location (address) where the client is located
- why the return is not possible within the originally foreseen deadline
- expected date of return to the Czech Republic

Cancellation of insurance contract before going abroad

If the client decides not to travel abroad - to areas affected by the corona virus, where the MFA publishes an official notice with a recommendation not to travel and at the same time there is no insured event (the insured did not claim insurance benefits from the cancellation insurance), the client is entitled to request full refund of unused number of days without regarding to the amount of days the contract was concluded and without deducting the amount to cover the costs associated with the conclusion and administration of the insurance contract.

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